a little smarter

Favorite quotes or excerpts of the week is from Narcissus Leaves the Pool by Joseph Epstein. He writes:

My motives in reading are thoroughly mixed, but pure pleasure is always high among them. I read for aesthetic pleasure. If anything, with the passing of years, I have become sufficiently the aesthetic snob so that I can scarcely drag my eyes across the pages of a badly or even pedestrianly written book.

Along with the love of style, I read in the hope of laughter, exaltation, insight, enhanced consciousness, and dare I say it, wisdom; I read, finally, hoping to get a little smarter about the world.

On a personal style note, I wore this silk animal print dress today. I am a little smarter selecting classic timeless patterns during thrifting.

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Nine West pumps – GW Outlet $2.50
Evan Picone silk dress – $6.99
Patent leather belt – GW Outlet $1.39/lb
Bangle – $2.39

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