tell me where do you blog

This week’s FBFF visual topic is ‘where do you blog’ hosted by the colorful Miss Vinyl Ahoy. Well, my blogging command center currently set up at the corner of the dining room. We never used the dining room, my boyfriend and I usually eat at the breakfast nook in the kitchen. And when we do entertain we meet our friends at the cafe or restaurants.

study desk1

You can see on my desk are the milk glass vases holding my bangles and bracelets and some Ikea tins where I stow my rolled skinny belts. No, I am not OCD, I just like it neat. 😉  And I stacked two vintage suitcases as my side table to make place for my handbags or totes. My daily routine when I get home from work, snap some outfit photos, remove my bracelets and belts, grab some juice or snacks from the fridge and skim the mails.

A German philosopher, Martin Heidegger said, “Tell me how you read and I’ll tell you who you are.” For today I’ll revise Heidegger, tell me where you blog and I’ll tell you who you are.

On a personal style front, it was super hot today, I wore a halter dress.
Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Ann Taylor sandals – $3.99
American Eagle Outfitters halter dress – $6.99
Ann Taylor cardi – $3.59
Coach skinny belt – GW Outlet $1.39/lb
Bangle – $2.99

Check out Miss Vinyl Ahoy’s blog for more fabulous blogging command center entries.

2 thoughts on “tell me where do you blog

  1. J., Your place is so neat and also done very tastefully. Love all the plants!! Could we please see some more pictures of your home if you feel like sharing them here?

    Btw, my bag is getting better and less chaotic after I borrowed some ideas from yours. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration. Someday I hope to be as organized as you.


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