outrageously inspired

One of my favorite style icon is Nancy Cunard. More pictures of her in this Huffington post. I just love an armful of bangles. When I was younger my mom always thought stacking more than three thin bangles was excessively outrageous. These days I am thinking practical, especially when you’re typing and scrolling the mouse all day. I think unostentatious earrings or necklace equilibrize the invariably heavy bracelets or bangles.

I just borrowed Nancy Cunard: Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist book from the library. I have read reviews of her fascinatingly rebellious life. For now I’d say great things are only possible with outrageous style. 🙂

Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Steve Madden heels
Ann Loft skirt
Tahari top
Sterling silver turquoise necklace – ebay
Seven layers silver toned bracelet – all thrifted
7-layers bracelets

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7 thoughts on “outrageously inspired

  1. Ms. Cunard is my all time favorite inspiration, in fact I started an antique ivory collection years ago because of how she influenced me, she lived so courageously 🙂 One of my arm parties give tribute to her!!! This has been a fun challenge!

    robyn of boluxe.wordpress.com


  2. I like the idea of stacked bangles and bracelets on other people, but somehow for me,I can’t bring myself to adorn more than one. I guess I’m just getting into jewelery and maybe a few years down the lane, I might be sporting a stack as well.


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