life is a creative process

Favorite excerpts of the week is by John Cheever:Collected Stories and Other Writings:

…I was happy for I know almost no pleasure greater than having a piece of fiction draw together incidents as disparate as a dance in Minneapolis and a backgammon game in the mountains so that they relate to one another and confirm that feeling that life itself is creative process, that one thing is put purposefully upon another, that what is lost in one encounter is replenished in the next and that we possess some power to make sense of what takes place.

On a style diary note, I wore this ensemble today.aug3rd
Outfit details:
Kenneth Cole heels – Goodwill Outlet $2.50
Simply Vera/Vera Wang dress – Kohls
Patent leather skinny belt – Goodwill Outlet $1.39/lb
Sterling silver lapis lazuli necklace – etsy
Assorted bangles – Goodwill

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