one sound to cheer me

Last Sunday and yesterday we were blessed by some rains, storms and heavy wind here in my neck of woods. My backyard facing rows of tall trees dividing or sort of fencing our neighborhood from the adjacent subdivision. My cats and I were sitting by the glass door and watched the shaggy boughs dancing like a ballerina. The wind almost blew our grill cover and the patio chair fell over on the deck. Lightning and thunder synchronizing like a symphony and ended with rains for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
From the Journals: The Poetry of Place by Charles Burchfield:

If all musical sounds were to be forever silenced – orchestras, bands, human voices, birds & insects – and I were allowed to retain one sound to cheer me, I would ask that the wind might play in the tree-tops. The wind! Motion is life. All is dead that stands still.

On a personal style note, I wore this ensemble yesterday.aug16thGoodwill thrifted outfit details:
Nine West pumps
No name silk pencil skirt
Vintage Evan Picone silk blouse
Red patent leather – Goodwill Outlet
Red beads long necklace – Goodwill Outlet
Assorted copper bracelets – Salvation Army, Church Thrift Store & Rugged Wearhouse

copper bracelets

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