à la Indian and British India

The writer who never talks about eating, about appetite, hunger, food, about cooks and meals, arouses my suspicion, as though some vital element were missing in him.

The above passage is from Aldo Buzzi’s The Perfect Egg and Other Stories. I may have never mentioned here in the blog, but I cook like four or five times a week. Baking a frozen pizza still consider cooking right? Ha..ha..ha..

Anyway yesterday I took the time to snap a pic of this chicken curry that I made. I used the prepacked curry paste. I added some potato, grape tomatoes and bird-eyes pepper à la Indian. So today my lunch was Basmathi rice with chicken curry.


On a style note I purchased this asymmetrical pencil skirt many years ago in Malaysia. British India brand, it is apple green color, how could I not take it home?

Thrifted outfit details:
BCBG mules – Goodwill Outlet
British India asymmetrical pencil skirt – years ago
Ralph Lauren button down – Goodwill
Ralph Lauren skinny belt – Goodwill Outlet
Sterling silver green amethyst pendant – ebay
Assorted bracelets – Goodwill

assorted bracelets1

One thought on “à la Indian and British India

  1. gorgeous bracelets! blue and silver always look so classy together, and i like the contrast with the bright green. adorable cat too!


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