unpacking my Coach

In Unpacking My Library, Walter Benjamin writes:

Every passion borders on chaos, that of the collector on the chaos of memory.

I love Coach leather purses yet the cheapskate in me refused to spend $200 for a brand new one. My first Coach I found at a yard sale, a brown leather bucket style shoulder bag for $15. I love it to pieces, I condition and buff the leather every week, sort of my Sunday ritual. Then I found a green color court style at Salvation Army. After I thrifted two, I was hooked to vintage classic Coach. And I love how this fabulous blogger styles the Coach classic, pic 1 and pic 2, …simply gorgeous.
So for the next two weeks, I will be styling around my vintage Coach collections.

A classic Coach shoulder bag, some pearls and a Lilly Pulitzer sheath dress, arent those the ingredients of preppy look?


Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Steve Madden heels
Lilly Pulitzer dress
Burgundy color Coach handbag
Assorted pearl & amethyst necklace
Ivory bangle

Linking up to Thrifters Anonymous.

2 thoughts on “unpacking my Coach

  1. That’s a great bag! I, too, love thrifting Coach bags. So far I have 2. I’ve been passing on the ones that aren’t perfect–and I find at least one of those a week. What do you use to condition the leather?


    1. Hi Terry, thanks for reading. I just use the Kiwi Leather Conditioner and Kiwi shoe polish. You know what after 3 application if you have pen/ink marks, it would be gone.


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