mauve, red and pink of dress

In Taken in Faith: Poems Helen Pinkerton writes:

How often did she make such quiet, one wonders,
This woman writing at a covered table—
Full summer light warming the roseate hues.
Mauve, red, and pink of dress and cloth and room.
A Wedgewood pier glass shows three Roman figures
In ritual dance—cool neoclassic Graces—
Beside a clay pot of geraniums.
Her taste eclectic—like our modern lives—
Loving the past but settled in the living.

I do not own a Wedgewood china and the clay pot next to me in the pic is golden pothos, not a geraniums. I certainly do loving the ‘past’ yet settled in the modern style.


Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Guess heels
H&M dress
Martin & Osa cardi
Hunter green Coach flap shoulder bag
1928 green rhinestone necklace – Rugged Wearhouse
Assorted bracelets – Salvation Army

brass bracelets4

a penny for your thoughts

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