pleasing in familiar life

Samuel Johnson’s in his Rambler #64:

That friendship may be at once fond and lasting, there must not only be equal virtue on each part, but virtue of the same kind; not only the same end must be proposed, but the same means must be approved by both. We are often, by superficial accomplishments and accidental endearments, induced to love those whom we cannot esteem; we are sometimes, by great abilities, and incontestable evidences of virtue, compelled to esteem those whom we cannot love. But friendship, compounded of esteem and love, derives from one its tenderness, and its permanence from the other; and therefore, requires not only that its candidates should gain the judgment, but that they should attract the affections; that they should not only be firm in the day of distress, but gay in the hour of jollity; not only useful in exigencies, but pleasing in familiar life; their presence should give cheerfulness as well as courage, and dispel alike the gloom of fear and of melancholy.

After weeks of working late, I took a half day off last Friday. Went out lunch with Nancy and her mom, then we off bin diving at Goodwill Outlet. Nancy is my new bff. We met and become buddies at Goodwill Outlet. It all started when we swapped our finds, she gave me a Cole Haan leather satchel and I let her have a Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag. A few weeks ago she swooped a bunch of pearl bracelets and passed on a few to me. The following day I gave her a silver-toned Nine West key chain and a Dooney & Bourke cellphone casing. Due to work commitment we rarely seeing each other, so we made a pack to look out on each other’s favorite brand. She is crazy about Dooney & Bourke, while I am collecting vintage leather Coach. Next week we are planning to meet for coffee and swap gold rings we found. Oh yes we totally score, …she found one gold ring, while I scored two 10K and one 14K gold rings. Sharing the same addiction, my bff, she is truly pleasing in familiar life.


sept2bOutfit details:
Ann Taylor sandals – Goodwill
Lauren Conrad sundress – Kohls clearance
Banana Republic cardi – Goodwill
Vintage Coach bucket style bag – yard sale, a few years ago
Assorted bracelets – Goodwill Outlet

assorted bracelets3

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