beautiful things vol 5

Again I am quoting the nomadic scholar, Walter Benjamin, in Unpacking My Library he describes the pleasure of the chase that lies behind the most satisfying book purchases:

One of the finest memories of a collector is the moment when he rescued a book to which he might never have given a thought, much less a wishful look, because he found it lonely and abandoned on the market place and bought it to give it its freedom–the way the prince bought a beautiful slave girl in The Arabian Nights. To a book collector, you see, the true freedom of all books is somewhere on his sleeves.

Substitute ‘book’ for ‘vintage Coach purses’. These are the rescued Coach-es. The great thing about sporting these vintage bags, I am not majorly hung-up when it scratches or raindrops stain. They are already broken-in.



Pictured below are my other Coach bags. I prefer big bags and seriously thinking of selling the two small suede, the olive green and the light brown. Now I just need to find the time to list them.


3 thoughts on “beautiful things vol 5

  1. I love your collection of vintage Coach bags… in fact I think they might even be more beautiful than the modern ones!

    I have only seen a Coach purse at a thrift store once at a Salvation Army, but it wasn’t vintage and the condition was terrible.


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