new things

Charles Hubert Sisson’s Autumn Poems:

I am looking for contentment out of nothing
For new things are made out of what is new
And I have none except this: the birds’ song,
The rain, the evening sky, the grass on the lawn.

We woke up this morning to a drizzle which continued through out the day. Temperature was in mid-sixties, a little chilly for me. Standing akimbo in my closet followed by fingers rubbing my chin, I was thinking this would be the perfect day to debut my thrifted Michael Kors trench. I scored this trench new with tags at one of DC Goodwill last Spring. The Goodwill’s cashier that day was so busy chatting with her co-worker that she didnt notice the tags and charged me the usual $5.99 price for a jacket. Well, who am I to argue or disrupt their deep discussion? The navy Gap dress was also found new with tags at my local Goodwill. Despite the crummy weather, today I walked around with a contented smile.


Goodwill thrifted outfit details:
Steve Madden boots – Salvation Army
Gap dress
Michael Kors trench
Silk scarf – Goodwill Outlet
Guess watch – yard sale
Vintage Cloisonne bangles

cloisonne bangles

Do check out other fabulous finds at Thrifters Anonymous.

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