to my readers

To My Readers—II, translated by John Owen, David Slavitt:

You write for fools if you write to please everyone.
These poems of mine are not meant for the mob.
If I have a few readers, that’s good. If I have
One, that’s even better. And if no one at all
Glances at what I write?
That’s fine and dandy.

So, I was away from blogging world. To my dear readers, thanks for dropping by and thoughtful comments. I am just not motivated to take outfit photos, but for the next few days I am excited to show off my thrift finds. I am such a sucker for cotton canvas bag. Here are a few immaculately clean and seem unused bags that I hauled from Goodwill Outlet.

National Geographic, Barnes & Noble are my library bags. I use the Land’s End and the other two bags for storing my purses.
Two Tesco, two Ikea and two Macy’s bag. These are my grocery and shopping bags.


One thought on “to my readers

  1. There’s something very appealing about canvas bags to me! I picked up one embroidered with flowers and buttons.. There was another one recently that I had to pass.. a beautiful orange one with some kind of applique.. $7.99. really? for a used canvas shopping bag!! I think sometimes the pricing gods at goodwill are smoking something..


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