between my pressing duties

Oh yes, I have been slacking big time updating my blog. On my off day, you’ll find me at the Goodwill Outlet, ‘treasure hunting’  😉 Sometimes the mindless thing, like digging through every pocketbooks, gives me an opportunity not for thinking but not-thinking. The mental blankness is restful. And sometimes you hit the ‘jackpot’. I think I’ve found more than ten pieces of 14K gold jewelry at Goodwill Outlet handbags bin. It is addictive.
But for today I’d share with you a few of my favorite finds. First a vintage boxed note paper by Current, Inc. From my google-fu research, I believe this Post-a-Notes was produced in 1950s. I love love the illustrations. Arent they gorgeous with cute phrases: ‘Just to let you know what’s cookin‘ and ‘Between my pressing duties‘.



I am a sucker for vintage dress patterns. I wish I have the time to sew.


I sketch and paint, I adore and appreciate beautiful old illustrations of stationery, patterns and books. One day I’ll snap some pics of vintage nature and garden book collection. Below are some of my black & white art, and sketches. All frames from Goodwill.


Tove Jansson writes in The Summer Book:

A person can find anything if he takes the time, that is, if he can afford to look. And while he’s looking, he’s free, and he finds things he never expected

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One thought on “between my pressing duties

  1. love those picture frames!!! I love black and white as well, but haven’t done a grouping like that. I’m copying your idea! 🙂


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