when a dollar brings a hundred pleasures

In a letter to Edward Dimmitt dated July 19, 1901, Mark Twain wrote:

The whole scheme of things is turned wrong end to. Life should begin with age and its privileges and accumulations, and end with youth and its capacity to splendidly enjoy such advantages. As things are now, when in youth a dollar would bring a hundred pleasures, you can’t have it. When you are old, you get it and there is nothing worth buying with it then. It’s an epitome of life. The first half of it consists of the capacity to enjoy without the chance; the last half consists of the chance without the capacity.

I dont know Mr Twain, my dollar certainly brings me hundred pleasures. Example is my latest acquisition of green and spring blossom Pyrex bowls, each is at $0.99, $0.59 and $0.49. I love my Goodwill Mr Twain. Yall’ dont have a thrift store back then, do you?


My kitchen theme is blue and green. I have left behind many great condition pieces of pink gooseberry or the brown home & country Pyrex.


I found these orange and yellow divided dish at Salvation Army for $0.50 each. The colors are beautiful, I figured they can act as accent pieces.


These are my thrifted Corningware pans. I love banana bread, thats why I got two bread baking pans. I was roasting a chicken many moons ago and I havent figured out how to clean those stubborn oil spots. I learned my lesson, I should have lined the pan with aluminum foil in the future.


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6 thoughts on “when a dollar brings a hundred pleasures

  1. Wow!! Beautiful!!! Vintage pyrex has unmatched charm! I have a really huge bright sunny yellow mixing bowl that I thought sooo much before buying it if it was my color, I realized I couldn’t put it back and it came home with me. and now, I LOVE it!

    GREAT prices for those beautiful pieces! I’m beginning think, J. maybe I need to get a US visa and come shopping with you one of these years. You have a great eye! That idea to use the vino carafe to hold roses is terrific!

    About those stains out of the pyrex – Could you try barkeeper’s friend on it.. That or Old dutch powder. Usually one or the other gets stains out of my cookware – it’s worked for pyrex, corning ware, stainless steel and on enamelled cast iron.


  2. I love your collection.I have that same yellow divided dish/lid-I used it the other day to put dip on one side and crackers on the other to take to a party.A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and a little elbow grease will get those oil spots.


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