of course it’s all luck

Of course it’s all luck, so said famous French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson. He spoke in the context of snapping candid photography, ..hmm… any avid thrifter could totally relate to the quote, dont you think so? Speaking of photography, I scored three vintage polaroid camera from my Goodwill Outlet.

1965 Polaroid Land camera Swinger Model 20

1980s LMS Sun 600 and Polaroid Spectra 2. Now, if only I have room to display this new collection.

My favorite favorite find of the week is this vintage Ray-Ban caravan sunglasses, paid $1.59.


I also hauled a vintage Baldelli Italia wine carafe, which I use it to hold my Valentine roses.


Vintage polaroid cameras – $1.00 each
Valentine roses – gifted, probably $15.00
Knowing you’re the lucky one – priceless

Linking up to Thrift Share Monday.

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