the genuine pleasure of textures

The selective eye must be an experienced eye, an eye that knows the genuine pleasures of harmonious colors and textures, of sensitive line and proportion, of the play in contrasts of light and shade. The selective eye must see beyond immediate limitations, recognize possibilities that a fertile imagination suggests, and translate the difference between the genuine and the false.

The above quote comes from Michael Taylor’s book, The Finest Rooms. This week I am fascinated with texture, embellishment and ornateness. Below are some highlights of my recent thrift findings from Goodwill.

A vintage embroidered silk chinese robe or jacket in pristine condition. I am thinking just to display it on my white wall. Ever noticed when you browse any interior magazine or even Ikea catalog, you see a piece of clothing hang casually in the middle of the room.



I also scored a vintage hand crocheted table cloth which I am going to repurpose as a throw at the end of bed.


My favorite jewelry this week are a vintage dainty dagger pendant, abalone inlay earrings, silver bangle and turquoise nuggets bracelet. All sterling silver.


Linking up to Thrift Share Monday.

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