painting the ideal life

I am really ambitious, I have secured a domain name, set-up an Etsy shop, and enrolled in a long waiting list for a booth at local antique mall. I am also planning to go back to school. And all that plus a full time job. The booth and school probably set about in Fall. As far as my Etsy shop, I am just so not motivated taking photos. These thrift finds was photographed back in March.

She rose from her deep chair and at her desk entered on the first page of a new notebook a pensee: The penalty of sloth is longevity.

~ adapted from Unconditional Surrender by Evelyn Waugh

Vintage books 0.50 cents each. I love the illustrations.


Vintage wedding dress by House of Bianchi, too beautiful to pass up, only $25 and it is my size!!! Errr…no, I am not getting married.



A Vermeer reproduction. According to Robert Huerta in Vermeer and Plato: Painting the Ideal the painting has been interpreted as an incitement to lead a balanced and thoughtful life. I suppose we all strive and ‘painting’ for that kind of life.


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4 thoughts on “painting the ideal life

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of things going on at once. I’m looking forward for the pictures!! Can’t wait to see your website and etsy store up!

    That lace in the vintage wedding dress is gorgeous!


  2. That wedding dress is stunning. Are you going to display it in your home? I come across items I pass up because they are beautiful but I just don’t know what to do with them. I have a harder time passing up old vintage books. Love the illustration on the cookbook.


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