I see all that I love

Each thing I do I rush through so I can do
something else. In such a way do the days pass—
a blend of stock car racing and the never
ending building of a gothic cathedral.
Through the windows of my speeding car, I see
all that I love falling away: books unread,
jokes untold, landscapes unvisited. And why?
What treasure do I expect in my future?
~ Stephen Dobyns poem’s  Pursuit from Cemetery Nights.

What thrift treasure do I expect in my future? Vintage dress form, bakelite accessory and sterling silver turquoise jewelry. For this week, these are a few of my favorite treasure.

Vintage Southwestern sterling silver jewelry that I scored from flea markets, eBay and Goodwill.

Vintage hand tooled leather handbag, a Salvation Army find.

A view at my deck–my cherry tomatoes and sweet pepper.

Linking up to Her Library Adventures.

One thought on “I see all that I love

  1. Oh my! Turquoise silver jewelry are my favorites!! All those gorgeous pieces make me swoon!

    J.,So glad to see your treasures again!

    A friend and I went for a jewelry class yesterday. I made a fire agate necklace yesterday with some silver pieces in it… And my friend made a turquoise necklace with antique looking silver findings..So lovely!!


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