a well-spent Sunday

Like a glum cricket
the refrigerator is singing
and just as I am convinced

that it is the only noise
in the building, a pot falls
in 2B. The neighbors on

both sides of me suddenly
realize that they have not
made love to their wives

since 1947. The racket
multiplies. The man downhall
is teaching his dog to fly.

The fish are disgusted
and beat their heads blue
against the cold aquarium. I too

lose control and consider
the dust huddled in the corner
a threat to my endurance.

Were you here, we would not
tolerate mongrels in the air,
nor the conspiracies of dust.

We would drive all night,
your head tilted on my shoulder.
At dawn, I would nudge you

with my anxious fingers and say,
Already we are in Idaho.

“Flight” by James Tate, from Selected Poems.

My boyfriend is away this weekend, so the cats and I have the house for ourselves. I spent my Sunday cleaning the kitchen, tackling the tough grease on the stove from daily stir fry and weekly lo-mein. And you know how man are, either he spilled some fruit juices or he dropped watermelon slices, the fridge shelves felt sticky. I also get a chance to stow away his kitchen pots and pans, giving me more room for my vintage pyrex and cast iron pans. Around 4pm, I decided I need to get out, returning some library books and of course I had to stop at Goodwill. 🙂 Below are some of this week favorite finds.

An old Griswold chicken pan, (dont envy me) $5.99 at Goodwill. I have two cast iron pans in my collection now. Yay!!!!
More scarves, I’ve got so many that I had to be selective, I only pick Vera’s scarf, unless I found Hermes scarf. Crossing my fingers.
Two Anchor Hocking milk glass divider plate with gold trim, unscratch perfect condition, $1.00 each at Salvation Army. For now beautifully serving my bracelets on my dresser.

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One thought on “a well-spent Sunday

  1. oooooh!! Lucky you! Grisworld, huh? 🙂

    I have a collection of cast iron myself – all from Amazon (lodge chicken pans, skillets, griddles, etc I got for a steal) and thrift stores (3 cast iron woks… nobody needs 3 woks, let alone cast iron, but honestly, they seem to find me even on a super sale day when I’m the last customer.. Another time, I had brought one of the those identical twin white cast iron woks…the other was one the shelf for 3 weeks before I decided to reunite the twins again).. but again, none of those are grisworld .. Grisworld pans have a different finish that makes the seasoning stick to it and turn it into glass like surface! I’m thrilled for you! 🙂


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