whatever my fortune may be

I dont have the pleasure of combing and sifting Goodwill Outlet bins like I used to do. My thrift time limited to during lunch hours and some Saturdays. So you see, I probably missed out on the good stuff, nevertheless I am happy with my findings. These are some of my recent ‘fortune’.

Fortune is like glass–the brighter the glitter, the more easily broken. ~ Syrus, Publilius

A vintage hobnail Fenton candle holder, I love cobalt blue.
Mid-century Hollywood Regency Culver Ltd tumblers with gold trimming, arent they spectacular? Two pieces for $0.75 at Salvation Army.
Pyrex bowls and casserole pan, the color doesnt coordinate with my kitchen theme, but heck for $0.59 per lb at GW Outlet, I hauled them home. I am dreaming of baking a creamy mac & five-cheese dinner.

That’s all folks for today. I am linking up to Her Library Adventures.

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