what have I got to complain about

Favorite poem of the week is by David Budbill from While We’ve Still Got Feet:

We’ve got enough money now not to worry every minute
about where the next dollar is coming from.
We even go to the movies once in a while.
We’ve got a nice collection of friends.
Our house is sturdy and well built.
It keeps us warm and stands well against the storms.
The larder is full of rice.
There are plenty of potatoes down cellar.
The freezer is full of vegetables I grew myself.

In the face of all that, slights to my vanity
seem frivolous and nonsensical.

What have I got to complain about?




Linking up to Her Library Adventures.

One thought on “what have I got to complain about

  1. J. I came back with a whimsical dragon fly art from GW yesterday and was reminded of your dragon fly necklace!

    I love the quote that you’ve posted. I’ll try to remember the next time I feel a silly complaint comes out..

    I have a question – every time I see your bracelets or bangles, this comes to my mind.. how do you handle typing in, with lot of bracelets? I’m curious to know because every time I wear a bracelet, I end up removing it when I type and my work is predominantly on the computer!!


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