time all to herself

I am on a two weeks vacation and no where to go, plus the weather is not on my side either. The first three days, I managed to catch-up with the often neglected house chores. My to-do-list: Laundry, check; vacuuming and dusting, check; mopping and scrubbing, check; pantry cleanup, check and closet editing ….hmmm…almost.
I came across Charles Lamb’s The Superannuated Man essay about retirement. Not retiring, yet certainly I could relate to the jubilation.

For the first day or two I felt stunned, overwhelmed. I could only apprehend my felicity; I was too confused to taste it sincerely. I wandered about, thinking I was happy, and knowing that I was not. I was in the condition of a prisoner in the old Bastile, suddenly let loose after a forty years’ confinement. I could scarce trust myself with myself. It was like passing out of Time into Eternity — for it is a sort of Eternity for a man to have his Time all to himself.

Enjoying homemade pumpkin spice latte with this view right now.


a penny for your thoughts

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