a kind of abstract grandeur, a Christofle

The opening line of Exiles in the Garden by Ward Just:

Especially when he was alone Alec Malone had the habit of slipping into reverie, a semiconscious state not to be confused with dreams. Dreams were commonplace while his reveries presented a kind of abstract grandeur, expressionist canvases in close focus …

‘a kind of abstract grandeur’, the phrase I would use to describe my recent find at the Goodwill Outlet. In between the leftover junks, I found a Christofle K+T silver-plated tray, ‘a symbol of luxury and elegance’ (tagline from Christofle website). Apparently the K+T collection, named for design collaborators chef Thomas Keller and architect and designer Adam Tihany. Yep, another brilliant architect designer. The retail price of this tray is around USD$1K, I got it for $2.95. I had to pinch my radial bone, nope I wasn’t daydreaming.


Linking up to The Nifty Thrifty.

a penny for your thoughts

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