are you sure you love me

We had a snowgeddon last night, a good 10 to 12 inches this morning. Another round of snow storm is expected tonite. Schools and even federal government are closed, so we are home. Our morning began with the hubby shoveling the driveway while I fixed the brunch–spinach, mushroom and feta cheese omelet–his favorite. Imagine, the whole day of togetherness in the house, I told him. He replied, ‘Yeah ..right’.

When I am not at peace with me
I do not like you either.
“Do you have to make that noise?”
The little gnawing feeling
Feeds on everything you do.
“Must that TV be so loud?”
Love never bloomed with quite the speed
Of growing irritation.
“Just leave me alone.”
And yet you know I do not want to be alone.
So you sit and wait me out
Because you understand
That when it seems
I like you least
I need you most.

~ 10 P.M. by Lois Wyse from Are you sure you love me.

Two vintage books from the Goodwill last week.


Tonite’s dinner is vegetable stew.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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