five lovely vintage this week

Five lovely vintage things this week

1. Vintage pyrex (about $3.00 each) – they are such an eye candy.

2. Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster. I seldom bake so I couldnt justify to purchase a kitchen-aid mixer, but for $2.00 this Sunbeam is good enough.

3. Retro Regal Poly Hot Pot for $1.00. I can’t wait to brew some oolong tea.

4. Vintage Birmingham Stove Range cast iron skillet ($5.00 fr. Salvation Army). At 13.5” wide, I could easily fry or broil a whole tilapia.

5. Accessories of the week — Carnelian — it is supposed to promotes creativity and stimulates motivation. (The fork bracelet cost me $5.00 and the necklace was $3.00)

Sharing these lovelies with the Thriftasaurus Party.

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