mid century dresser

You go into the office and take a book or two from the shelves. You read a few lines, like your life depended on reading ’em right. But you know your life doesn’t depend on anything that makes sense, and you wonder where in the hell you got the idea it did; and you begin to get sore.

~ Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me

Certainly, life sometimes doesn’t make sense. Today, as gusty as the wind blows outside, I was just mad at things or stuffs!! I tried to calm my nerves, I stopped by at my local Goodwill twenty minutes before it closed. Usually thrift shopping excites me. I walked in, swiftly browsed the jewelry section and moved on to the housewares section. Saw a fine china plate, as I was trying lift it off the shelf, the one right below it fell onto the floor. Definitely, NOT my day. I apologized to the staffers there, and drove home without getting anything.
Dropping by at Goodwill at late hours sometimes yields some great find. A few weeks ago, I picked up this mid-century dresser. I didn’t see any markings, but it looks like and feels like a mid-century dresser. So I was happy, …that day.



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