five things that I am grateful for

five things that I am grateful for this week

1. this vintage sterling silver turquoise pendant

{because it draws attention and a ‘compliment magnet’}

2. this vintage Tensor lamp

{because I’ve been hunting for a sleek-clean lines mid-century lamp for months, $1 from Goodwill Outlet}

3. this vintage Square Flowers pyrex divided dish

{because this is the way my mom served a Lo-mein, always with a side dish}

4. this water-resistant Nike hoodie

{because it saved me from soaking wet during the 11pm heavy downpour, while struggling to unclog the basement drain. Thank you to whoever that person who donated a brand new with tags hoodie to Goodwill.}

5. this rainbow patch

{a reflection of the beveled glass chandelier by morning sunlight, what a pretty display. Suri was not impressed though.}

Linking up with the Thriftasaurus at Sir Thrift A Lot.

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