five highlights of the week

highlights of the week

1. this rustic Memorial Day feast
{broiled tilapia in a vintage Wagner Ware cast iron skillet and mango salad. I can’t get enough of them}

2. this Danish mid-century modern figurine
{by Arne Basse, it’s a girl doning a flare skirt, …super cute}

3. this vintage pyrex bowl
{instead of just a showing, I finally decided to fully utilize these vintage bowls. Embracing ‘form and function’ principle}

4. this bracelet
{found tarnished and buried at the bottom of a costume jewelry tray at Goodwill, paid $3.00 for it}

5. these raindrops
{because ‘if rain drops were kisses, I’d send you showers’, so wrote Emily Brontë}

Linking up with the Thriftasaurus.

2 thoughts on “five highlights of the week

    1. Ellen, thanks for stopping by. I saw your Etsy shop, oh my goodness, you have amazing stuffs there.
      I’ll be checking your shop again. 🙂



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