the favored 5 things this week

five things that made my week

1. this Bottega Veneta card case
{because I found it in almost new condition at Goodwill for $2.00}

2. these books
{because of the inspiring tips, concepts and ideas these books hold, another Goodwill find}

3. this knife sharpening stone
{found new at Goodwill, it made my ‘kitchen workhorses’ working in full force again }

4. this oxford Converse, a Ross purchased
{because I’ve been stopped by strangers at the gas station, grocery store and even at the Nordstrom shoes department commenting on the color and how this Chuck Taylor remind them of their high school days}

5. this pistachio baklava
{sweets that my husband bought from a middle eastern store, …so yummy}

Linking up with the Thriftausaurus.

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