the tangible five

five vintage that made her week

1. this vintage Gregorian copper watering can
{for looking grand on the mantel}

2. this 1930 National cast iron skillet
{her new favorite pan because it is lighter and it has smoother surface which means fluffy omelet and pancakes}

3. these vintage sewing notions
{a church yard sale hauled …. of course for a good cause}

4. these sterling turquoise & coral accessories
{conversation pieces everywhere she goes}

5. this vinegar trap
{not so much a vintage but the apple cider vinegar is an old and non-toxic approach to a ‘no-flies zone’}

Linking up with the Thriftasaurus

3 thoughts on “the tangible five

  1. I just got one of these for my new nest…I actually added another one since the minute I start cooking the flies zoom into my kitchen. The second one I simply took a drinking glass and poured apple cider vinegar…viva la vinegar!


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