five things that made her week
1. this thrifted soft cashmere
{oversized sweater, skinny jeans and ankle boots–her fall wardrobe staples}

2. this Goodwill find watch
{the clean unscratched crystal, the weight and the letter-perfect logo suggested this was a genuine Breitling. For weeks she flaunted the watch, she even took him to bed. Until one day while wiping him, she inspected the logo on the band’s fastener, she noticed the inverted markings. …The truth hurts.}

3. this vowel
{a Goodwill find and when she saw that, O-M-G and onomatopoeia and oniomania came to her mind}

4. this photo props
{the vintage silver plated forks, the blue & white china dishes, the vintage white linen and the DIY weathered barn-wood backdrop, …yep she nailed those wood together.}

5. this coffee
{in a vintage Starbucks mug, the highlight of her quiet Sunday}

She is linking up with the Thriftasaurus and Vintage Bliss.

3 thoughts on “pleasing

  1. These are beautiful finds, beautifully presented (as usual). I love the blue plate and the way you set the dishes together. Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo


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