numero uno. that’s us


I am finally beginning to understand
That you are not going to move to the back of my life.

I now know
You are not going to wait for me to let my life run down.

I have figured out at last that
Second isn’t first, and first is all that matters.

From now on,
First is where I’ll put us.

As soon as I make three calls and cancel tomorrow.

I have to do that first.

~ Lois Wyse, I am so glad you married me.


4 thoughts on “numero uno. that’s us

  1. Wow, this is a lovely photo and a clear representation of home for you. The light in the image is amazing. On second look, it would be nice to remove the cable from the back of the table but I actually didn’t see it in my first look because I was drawn straight to the boots and babe-shoes.
    Fantastically clean and heartfelt image.


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