five things that made her week

1. this vintage cup
{Jadeite FireKing, saucer and cup found at two different thrift stores … sometimes things are meant for her}

2. this scissor
{because of the intricate owl details}

3. this vintage hand-tooled tote
{She was thinking of the time and patience to craft this bag, reminded her of War & Peace, Tolstoy writes, Time and Patience are the strongest of all warriors.}

4. this sandwich
{because he made it for her}

5. this drawer
{of stuffs she accumulated last year, all a Goodwill find}

Linking up with the Thriftasaurus and Vintage Bliss Party.

4 thoughts on “stills

  1. Love everything! The jadeite is beautiful. I had that happen to me too, once I thrifted a pyrex fridgie but it was only the bottom part for .50 cents at a rummage sale and 6 months later found the top at a thrift store for .50 cents. Very exciting. Turkey and Havarti, mmmmm, good!


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