five things that made her week

1. these vintage tea set
{what one do when you snowed-in; you brought out the Georges Briard set and thrifted W.Sonoma mugs for a cozy afternoon tea}

2. this vintage silent butler
{electroplated sterling and such a fancy crumb collector; $2.00 from Goodwill}

3. these thrifted outer layers
{Talbots coat, Timberland boots and sterling lizard brooch: all a Goodwill scoop}

4. this young junco
{she swore she heard him screaming, ‘what’s wrong with you human, we need food here’}

5. these valentine french toast
{she woke up to see the breakfast on the kitchen island}

Linking up with the Vintage Bliss Party.

4 thoughts on “stills

  1. I love your finds (but where would I out them all?) But I beg to differ on the Junco, it looks more like a Nuthatch (often seen upside down on a tree branch or feede) to me. At least that is what it would be if you were in PEI and not Virginia.


    1. Hello,
      🙂 You probably right, it could be a nuthatch as that birdie hang upside down over the feeder chomping the peanut suet.
      As for my Goodwill find, there is still a lot of vintage item at my area, but I am not a reseller, so I am selective of what I am taking home. Thanks for stopping by.


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