saturday stills

five things that made her week

1. this thrifted paperweight
{that symbolizes a Pisces which means ‘fishes’ in Latin. …‘It’s my birthday. I’m officially old.’, says Carrie Bradshaw on her 35th Birthday ;)}

2. this thrifted tea cup
{she treated herself to a honey lemon tea with her newly-found Biltmore Vanderbilt tea cup, $0.49 at the Goodwill pound store}

3. these vintage catch-all
{apparently the Salvation Army volunteers didn’t notice the miniscule ‘sterling ‘ mark at the back, for $0.50 each, she did a dance of joy …to her car}

4. these blooms
{for brightening up her dining room}

5. this grilled tilapia
{because it is her favorite dish, fixed and served by her husband, she didn’t have to do anything …well it was her birthday}

This post is linked up with the Vintage Bliss Party.

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