saturday stills

five things that have made her week

1. this vintage jade green fork
{she found two of these that match the spoon in the previous post}

2. this thrifted Coach portfolio
{she went to a job fair and this portfolio perfectly tucked away her resumes, she paid only $3.00 for the portfolio at the Goodwill}

3. this pair of earrings
{it was an eBay purchase, but when she received it, the turquoise stone color is lighter than in the auction’s description, she emailed the seller, the seller apologized for the mistake, refunded her money and informed her to keep the earrings. The following day she was smiling ear to ear while donning the earrings.}

4. these Magnolia
{for blooming in full force at her front yard, she bought the tree during clearance event at her local nursery last year. …She must have done something right.}

5. this tea
{April is the cruelest month, …she has been wheezing and coughing, one of home remedy that her mother taught her is the honey ginger lemon tea, works all the time.}

Linking up with the Vintage Bliss Party.

2 thoughts on “saturday stills

  1. So sorry about the wheezing and coughing. Drink lots of tea. I love the photographs. Your magnolia is gorgeous. We have a similar bargain Dogwood in our front yard. It had a broken branch and wouldn’t sell, so we took it home and Dad gave it some TLC, training it to grow in a new direction. It’s been blooming happily ever since.

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