saturday stills

five things that have made her week

1. this vintage decanter or pitcher
{perfect for lemonade syrup base, her recent score from the church thrift store for $2.00}

2. this thrifted tray
{a touch of moroccan tile design in her kitchen, she got it for $3.00 at the thrift store}

3. this vintage DVF sweater
{oversized and light, she wore it for an evening stroll by the river}

4. this fuchsia
{he went to Lowes to get some grass seed, he said he thought of her when he saw these beautiful blooms and it was only $5.00 for a medium pot. …Yes she has taught him well i.e buying stuffs from clearance section}

5. this love note
{that he wrote for her when she was sick and didnt go to work one morning}

Linking up with the Vintage Bliss Party.

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