saturday stills

five things that have made her week

1. this jewelry set
{sterling silver $6.99 at the Goodwill, perfect to adorn a simple white dress for a Sunday brunch}

2. this vintage book
{because it was in a free bin outside the thrift store, it also came with dashes of butter stain, grains of granular sugar, and a few dust of flour, …the book was definitely well-loved}

3. these vintage Carter pens
{because there was a time during her teenage years, she wrote with fountain pen only, back then she thought she was the coolest person in the class}

4. these blooms
{last year it succumbed to brown spots and japanese beetles, this year the roses came back with a vengeance, ..err of course with the help of new layer of soil, mulch and Mr Bayer Fertilizer}

5. this salad
{she’s on a salad kick this week}

Linking up with the Vintage Bliss Party.


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