saturday stills

five things that she’s grateful for this week

1. this breakfast treats
{banana coconut bread with coffee served in a thrifted Made in England fine bone china cups}

2. this vintage Beau sterling
{she just loves the clink & clank of bangles}

3. these elastics
{it is hot, she has been living in ponytails all day, everyday}

4. this new addition of greens
{the nearby Walmart had a 50% off houseplant sales, she managed to sneak-in this one without her husband noticing it. Her husband thinks 42 pots of houseplants is junkie for his very very fine house …that already has two cats ;)}

5. this thrifted tote
{because it is very well-made and pretty}

Linking up with the Vintage Bliss Party.

One thought on “saturday stills

  1. A lovely tote…wish I could get houseplants to thrive… not enough light… beautiful bangles!… banana bread of any kind – yumm!


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