five things that made her week

1. this sardines
{minced jalapeño, chopped tomatoes and a bit of garlic and salt … in a salad, with her oatmeal, roll in a pita bread or with brown rice. She can eat this everyday}

2. this vintage collection
{with gorgeous, gorgeous illustrations}

3. this toaster
{shiny and looks new, $5.00 from Salvation Army}

4. this snake plant
{husband bought it in 2003, survived unattended during his two tour-of-duty and now it is as tall as the door}

5. this rug
{a Target clearance score, was meant for the bathroom, but this cat has been claiming it as hers. …Human, take a few steps to the side please}

2 thoughts on “five

  1. I have the flower book; belonged to my mother. I also have a snake plant, rescued from a broken piece about 10 years ago, but it doesn’t get much TLC or light and is only 3 feet tall. Does the cat get any of the sardines?


    1. 🙂 the cat didn’t get the sardines, they get a tuna treat everyday. And the snake plant get a fertilizer treatment every month, I kind of babied them.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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