the opening of tea rose


Even the unexpected fits the plan
All works of days a network meshed so fine
that even accidents assume their fitted place
the unknown, gambits predesigned.
the uninvited, already registered
What I have done today
was launched at birth
not mine alone but everyone’s
back to the single strand.
One more, one less, unthinkable
fulcrum for toppling the universe.
Nothing means that wasn’t meant
Nothing meant that doesn’t mean.
My touch upon your hand this morning
confirmed ten billions souls in balance
explained five million years of standing up
justified a million galaxies
and the opening this afternoon
of that tiny tea rose near the window.

~ ‘Cosmos’ by unknown

Weekly photo challenge Earth

2 thoughts on “the opening of tea rose

  1. Just lovely. The poem also fits the photo challenge theme because it reminds me of a saying ‘We come from the earth, We return to the earth, And in between we garden.’


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