thanks for remembering us

And so that was almost a month of radio silence. Nothing much is happening here since the last post. A family visit during the Memorial Day weekend, then the dear husband caught a cold, and then the girl cat decided to get sick as well. Two vet visit, a cat scan 😉 , a corticosteroid shot and $400 later, it is determined she (the cat) has asthma. The husband is fine, the cat seems to be doing ok, and then despite chugging on a gallon of orange juice, I have been having this runny nose for the past few days. I’ll be ok.
Thank you for the lovely notes, comments and emails sent. I didn’t think anyone from the blogosphere would miss me, yet some of you do. Thank you for the sweet thoughts, which remind me of a poem.


The flowers sent here by mistake,
signed with a name that no one knew,
are turning bad. What shall we do?
Our neighbor says they’re not for her,
and no one has a birthday near.
We should thank someone for the blunder.
Is one of us having an affair?
At first we laugh, and then we wonder.

The iris was the first to die,
enshrouded in its sickly-sweet
and lingering perfume. The roses
fell one petal at a time,
and now the ferns are turning dry.
The room smells like a funeral,
but there they sit, too much at home,
accusing us of some small crime,
like love forgotten, and we can’t
throw out a gift we’ve never owned.

~ ‘Thanks for remembering us’ by Dana Gioia, Daily Horoscope

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