a thing searcher

‘I don’t know what you’ve got in mind,’ said Pippi, ‘but I’m not the sort to lie around. I’m a thing-searcher, you see. And that means I never have a moment to spare.’
‘What did you say you were?’ asked Annika.
‘A thing-searcher.’
‘What’s that?’ asked Tommy.
‘Someone who goes searching for things, of course! What else would it be?’ said Pippi as she swept all the flour into a little pile. ‘The whole world is full of things, which means there’s a real need for someone to go searching for them. And that’s exactly what a thing-searcher does.’
‘What kind of things?’ asked Annika.
‘Oh, all kinds,’ said Pippi. ‘Gold nuggets and ostrich feathers and dead mice and tiny little nuts and bolts and things like that.’
~ Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking

I haven’t been thrifting much these days. On my off days I rather be home, cranking up the a/c and browsing the amazon prime or eBay. On a recent tax-free weekend, I got myself  a new running shoes from Amazon and a sterling turquoise earrings on eBay.
But since today is the national thrift store day, please allow me to brag about a new addition to my vintage blue-green glass collection, the Hemingray-9 glass insulators … err $0.50 each from the Salvation Army.


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