A mechanical design engineer turned dental hygienist, she adimpleates her off-days by scouring thrift stores for old-turquoise jewelry pieces and vintage books. And sometimes, armed with a Canon she stalks the hummingbirds at the backyard in the company of her ‘kits’, Suri and Aslan. Her aeipathy for vintage and her florilegium borders at times on the chaos of memories, that she needs some sort of a cynosure daybook — the adimpleate blog.

She doesn’t own a car nor a credit card. She has never been to Paris. People often mistake her for a good listener. She prefers carrot cake to lemon pie

She is reasonably sure that before her pic was posted, she had less than 5 viewers; now she has at least 6.

She lives in Northern Virginia area.

Comments, good links or just to say hello, drop her an email at adimpleate.blog[at]gmail[dot]com


11 thoughts on “About

  1. You really have the artistic eyes. You bring on the best of the ordinary, honoring the patinaed, embracing the worn and accepting the flawed and the imperfect. That’s very inspiring.


    1. Kay, thanks for reading. Appreciate it very much. As for my writings, “I’m just trying to make a smudge on the collective unconscious,” so said a late nite philosopher Letterman. 😉



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