still life

five things that made her week

1. these vintage magazines
{25 cents each, …not so much for the articles, she’s after the retro ads}

2. this party outfit
{vintage shift dress, vintage sterling turquoise jewelry and thrifted heels; she and her classmates got together for a drink}

3. this milk glass collection
{once upon a time, she dreamed of a garden wedding reception with white linen and hydrangea bouquets, …she still dreams of it}

4. these potato and beef fritters
{comfort food with afternoon tea}

5. this morning sun
{peeking in and creeping up through the dining room window, …the December sunrise is such a pervert}

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five things that made her week

1. this thrifted wedgwood wine glass
{after one week cramming for her final exam, a glass of wine was in order}

2. this vintage anatomy chart
{her recent eBay score, where she offered the seller a lowball number, lo and behold the seller accepted the offer. It’s official, she’s a cat lady}

3. this vintage cast iron
{a Wagner dutch oven, $5 at Salvation Army, there’s going to be a lot of stews and chilis on the menu}

4. these handsome pair
{on Thanksgiving morning, she and the husband ran 5K in a Turkey Trot}

5. this strawberry smoothie
{despite a chilly weather, she’s on a smoothie kick}

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no one can ever hurt us


We’re always contradicting ourselves.
We want people to tell us apart….
…yet we don’t want them to be able to.
We want people to get to know us…
…but we also want them to keep their distance.
We’ve always longed for someone to accept us…
But we never believed there’d be anyone who would accept our twisted ways.
That’s why we’ll stay locked up tight…
…in our own little private world…
…and throw away the key, so that no one can ever hurt us.

~ Bisco Hatori, Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 9


five things that made her week

1. this Kenko lens filter
{and the other two that she snatched up from Goodwill for 99 cents each}

2. these vintage sterling bangles
{12 of them, found from various thrift store}

3. these oversized sweaters
{all thrifted in great condition, cold weather calls for some wool sweaters}

4. this thrifted night light
{that prevent her from stepping on the cat’s toy or even the cat}

5. this vintage butter warmer
{it is one of those things that ‘if Goodwill doesn’t sell it, we don’t have it‘ — that’s her husband’s one-liner}

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