it rained all weekend


It rained all weekend,
but today the peaked roofs
are as dusty and warm
as the backs of old donkeys
tied in the sun.
So much alike are our houses,
our lives. Under every eave—
leaf, cobweb, and feather;
and for each front yard
one sentimental maple,
who after a shower has passed,
weeps into her shadow
for hours.

~ ‘A Monday in May’ by Ted Kooser, Flying at Night.


the opening of tea rose


Even the unexpected fits the plan
All works of days a network meshed so fine
that even accidents assume their fitted place
the unknown, gambits predesigned.
the uninvited, already registered
What I have done today
was launched at birth
not mine alone but everyone’s
back to the single strand.
One more, one less, unthinkable
fulcrum for toppling the universe.
Nothing means that wasn’t meant
Nothing meant that doesn’t mean.
My touch upon your hand this morning
confirmed ten billions souls in balance
explained five million years of standing up
justified a million galaxies
and the opening this afternoon
of that tiny tea rose near the window.

~ ‘Cosmos’ by unknown

Weekly photo challenge Earth

of the wilted, the shopworn & the free


In the alley behind the florist’s shop,
a huge white garbage truck was parked and idling.
In a cloud of exhaust, two men in coveralls
and stocking caps, their noses dripping,
were picking through the florist’s dumpster
and each had selected a fistful of roses.

As I walked past, they gave me a furtive,
conspiratorial nod, perhaps sensing
that I, too (though in my business suit and tie)
am a devotee of garbage – an aficionado
of the wilted, the shopworn, and the free—
and that I had for days been searching
beneath the heaps of worn-out, faded words
to find this brief bouquet for you.

~ ‘In the Alley’ by Ted Kooser, Valentines.


five things that have made her week

1. these vintage canisters
{a Salvation Army find for $1.50/set. Needless to say she ‘Just singin’ in the rain; What a glorious feelin’}

2. these thrifted gold pens
{Waterman fountain and ball pens for $2.99 Goodwill}

3. these greens
{after the morning rain that are just beautiful to look at}

4. these meal
{a rare delicacy in her household, a beef lo-mein}

5. these white blooms
{white cherry blossom jazzing up the front yard}


five things that have made her week

1. these cut branches
{curly willow that is waiting to be planted}

2. this mismatch cutlery
{location: Goodwill Outlet; time spent sifting:1 hr;  finding: vintage bakelite handle, silver-plated and sterling cutlery; money spent: $1.02 ;)}

3. this thrifted cheese board
{Dansk board perfect for plating her husband favorite snacks}

4. this vintage cake tin
{a Goodwill find for $3.99, errrr …housing her banana bread right now}

5. this spaghetti & chicken meatball
{dinner by the deck and while enjoying the sunset}


five things that have made her week

1. these treats
{key lime cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that she baked for her coworkers}

2. these collection
{of Made in Italy cookie cutters, she paid $0.99 for the whole bunch at Goodwill}

3. this Jack Purcell pair
{in like new condition for $5.00 that she found at the animal shelter thrift store}

4. these dry mint leaves
{because the possibilities are endless from teas, smoothies, desserts and even roasted chicken}

5. this bloom
{it’s that time of the year again when this Ms Jane Magnolia unfurling her beauty}